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Hearthstone Mansfield

Hearthstone Mansfield


Ash Pan: Optional

BTU: Up to 80,000

Efficiency: 78% HHV

EPA Certified: 0.54 g/hr

Finish: Brown Enamel, Matte Black

Firebox Capacity: 3.2 cu ft

Flue Exit Diameter: 6

Flue Exit Location: Top or Rear

HeatLife: 30 Hours of heat

Heats up to: 2,500 sq ft

Maximum Log Length: 21″ Left-Right, 18″ Front-Back

Model: 8013

Stove Type: Soapstone Wood Stove

Weight: 650


Ash Pan: 90-54240

Rear Heat Shield: 90-68210

Convection Blower: 90-57210

Outside Air Adapter: 90-53220


  • Side: 23″ 
  • Rear: 19″
  • Corner: 14″
    Single-wall connector pipe, no rear heat shield
  • Side: 23″ 
  • Rear: 6″
  • Corner: 14″
    Double-wall connector pipe with rear heat shield



TruHybrid™ Technology

The Mansfield burns cleanly and efficiently using primary, secondary, and tertiary combustion. Enjoy clean heat with our TruHybrid™ technology.

Deep Firebox

The spacious firebox is great for loading wood north-south. Arranging the logs front-to-back inside the stove encourages airflow for a clean and pretty fire.

Soapstone HeatLife

Over 230lbs of soapstone are used to construct the Mansfield to offer you plenty of long-lasting comfortable heat.

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