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BTU: Up to 75,000

Efficiency: 68% HHV

EPA Certified: 1.14 g/hr

Finish: Matte Black, Brown Enamel

Firebox Capacity: 2.5 cu ft

Flue Exit Diameter: 6

Flue Exit Location: Top

HeatLife: 9 Hours of heat

Heats up to: 2,000 sq ft

Maximum Log Length: 20″

Model: 800-32WO73, 800-40WO74, 800-45WO73, 800-58WP73, 8013, 8024, 8031, 810-1510, 810-2510, 8171, 8220, 8302, 8303, 8323, 8324, 8325, 8362, 8392, 8411, 8420, 8450, 8492, 8640, 8660, 8680, 8763, 8770, 8S310

Stove Type: Zero Clearance Wood Fireplaces


Mantel Shield: 94-79700

Gravity Convection Kit: 94-99100

Forced Air Convection Kit: 94-57110

Fire Screen: 94-69110


Ceiling from bottom of fireplace: 80″

Mantel from bottom of fireplace: 58″

Side trim from door opening: 8″

Side wall from door opening: 13″



Zero Clearance Fireplace

Our ZC fireplace is designed to be built near combustible materials. It takes up less space and is easier and less expensive to install when compared to traditional masonry fireplaces.

Clean burning and efficient

Our ZC wood fireplace exceeds 2020 EPA standards. It burns cleanly and efficiently to keep the heat in your home rather than wasting it up the chimney.

Cast iron design

The cast iron front of the WFP75 is designed with a hand chiseled stone texture that offers a uniquely beautiful finish to your fireplace.

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